-“People seem to get a different impression about my identity with The Head. Instead of being a normal middle-aged lady with non-distinctive clothing, I am viewed and considered differently.”

-“It seems pretty strange to walk with The Head. It requires some bravery to walk with a cutted head around the city.”

-“The work is stepping into my private sphere and I am made more public by wearing it.”

-“Gradually I am creating a relationship to The Head. I am talking to it and considering where to place it, etc.”

-“After getting over the concept of being more visible to public and that my life is more public while having The Head, one starts thinking what should I show to The Head. What is it viewing that other people would see it as well. So if I am staying in one place for some time, I place The Head looking at something. ”

-"The work has many layers and various perspectives depending if you are carrying it, or participating via sms-sending or observing it on the street. It makes you think."

-“It is becoming like my second head, or reserve head. What I think is interesting is that this head is able to see ONLY when it is in communication with other people. The work realizes itself only through (social) interaction."

-“It is social in two different levels; via seeing/hearing in interaction with others and while on the street people reacting to it and making contact (interacting) with the person carrying it.” (author's comment in a dialogue with a user.)