The Head is a piece with process-like, participatory and mobile approach to art practice. It is dealing with a view of contemporary, mobile and technologized society.
The Head is a wearable sculpture with connection to internet and public access via mobile phone/sms.
The Head is available for adoption for the public. When someone adopts the piece they become responsible for it. Ideally the Head should follow its “foster-parent” everywhere s/he may go or alternatively placed in a location of their choise. The head contains a mobile phone, which is embedded in such a way that the camera of the phone functions as an eye of the head-sculpture. The public can access the Head via their mobile phones by sending an sms-message. When the Head receives the sms-message it responds by capturing an image and recording a short sound file simultaneously. This image with sound is sent back as a reply to the sender. The images are also automatically uploaded to the public site in The dedicated Flickr-site can be thought as the mind of the Head-sculpture with continuous accretion of memories. Many people use Flickr for storing and sharing their photos with others. This work is doing the same. On the site one can see all the observations of The Head object. It develops to a collective memory. The Head will be adopted and carried around by various individuals and it’s mind (vision / hearing) is triggered to collect memories on the way.
Additionally to the open public adoption, I hope to have the Head adopted by specific public figures. For example a police officer, a politician, a tourist guide, a teacher: professions, which generally have “a view” on society. Remote access remains open for any member of the general public equipped with a mobile phone. The piece will have no permanent location. It is a nomad living amongst the people, moving from place to place. Simultaneously it is present and accessible at any moment via mobile phone. The structure of the work comments on and is based in networked, mobile society.