born and currently living in Finland. Beloff's artistic practice falls under a category of media-art. Her pieces in recent years have developed to become participatory and networked installations or portable, wearable objects. Her works are re-examining private and public relationships to art and individual presence in the globally networked world. bio/cv
  born in Austria, currently lives and works in Finland. Berger is a master of the obscure interface. With a background in communication engineering and philosophy, it should perhaps not come as a surprise that he is interested in paradox. bio



born and living in Finland. Successfully studying at the University of Art and Design Helsinki in the Fashion and Textile Department from 2003>> Mitrunen has an interest in printed textiles, smart materials and new approaches in her field. cv



online database programming.
THANK YOU: Nokia, Tunturi (Turku), Panipol (Porvoo), Austrian Cultural Forum Milano, Finnish Embassy in Italy, R&D Vodafone Munich

Digitally Yours -exhibition team (Finland), Lorella Scacco (Italy)

  Anu Akkanen, Helena Hyvönen, Marja Beloff, Mumu Beloff