Technical description:
The jacket contains all the necessary technology to make it mobile and independent, and enable it to move on the streets. This includes heartbeat recording interface, microcontroller, LEDlights, bluetooth connection, mobile phone and batteries. The mobile phone fetches the real-time online data of the heart donors and uploads information about the vest onto a server for use on the website. After a certain time the vest needs to be recharged.

List of included items: mobile phone (Nokia), micro controller (Arduino-BT), Tunturi heartbeat detection circuit with custome made sensor, 60 LEDs, custom written Python software, batteries, switches, cables, etc.
Sensors: the custom sensors are pieces of textile (100% cotton) which are dipped into conductive-polymer in liquid form (Panipol, Finland). The sensors are sewn onto the glove and attached with cabels.
Here the textile sensor for heartbeat detection sewn onto the inner side of a glove.