1_bio-acoustic experiments_plant roots 2017

–These are some experiments from 2017. INVESTIGATIONS/INSTALLATIONS Arising from the initial research we performed on the ultrasonic acoustic emissions – and hence possible communication – in plant roots, that materialized in the video-work Dialogue with 02.205, (reference1) we (Laura Beloff & Christian Brems) decided to continue this exploration. This now with the overarching goal of creating a form of live installation where the roots acoustic […]

BEHIND THE SCENES 2007-2010: The short overture of the Bioart Society in Finland

Download PDF A personal memoir – The text is written by Laura Beloff in May 2018 based on memories from the time (2007-2010) and few registered facts. The text has been further commented, corrected and edited by Anu Osva. This is our contribution to the 10-year Anniversary of the Bioart Society in Finland. Typically, successful […]