1_bio-acoustic experiments_plant roots 2017

–These are some experiments from 2017. INVESTIGATIONS/INSTALLATIONS Arising from the initial research we performed on the ultrasonic acoustic emissions – and hence possible communication – in plant roots, that materialized in the video-work Dialogue with 02.205, (reference1) we (Laura Beloff & Christian Brems) decided to continue this exploration. This now with the overarching goal of creating a form of live installation where the roots acoustic […]

BEHIND THE SCENES 2007-2010: The short overture of the Bioart Society in Finland

Download PDF A personal memoir – The text is written by Laura Beloff in May 2018 based on memories from the time (2007-2010) and few registered facts. The text has been further commented, corrected and edited by Anu Osva. This is our contribution to the 10-year Anniversary of the Bioart Society in Finland. Typically, successful […]

II. Fly Printer – Danish Crown, 2015

This is a version titled: Fly Printer – Danish Crown by Beloff 2015. The new form was developed that addressed specifically the Danish culture through the use of Danish design coffeepot parts (originally Santos coffeepot, later Bodum), which were assembled together to form the habitat for the flies. The habitat begun resembling the emblematic Danish […]