III. The Fly Printer – Extended, 2016 (and the story)

The version: Fly Printer – Extended was realized within the Hybrid Matters project. Here is a link to the Hybrid Matters site where you can read the whole process.

The Fly Printer – Extended contains biological organisms -fruit flies- that are treated in the work as image producing technology, but additionally it includes intelligent system with camera and convolutional neuronal network (CNN) for image recognition and interpretation. In other words, this artwork creates a system that firstly produces images (created by flies); secondly, a machine vision system observes these images as patterns; and thirdly, artificial intelligence (CNN) will interpret these abstract images to a human observer. One looking at the work will see on the one hand the actual dots produced by the flies (under the sphere) and on the other hand the interpretation of the dots by artificial intelligence (on projection).